For aging adutls looking to kickstart a new health routine, exercise program, or simply a lifestyle transformation to better their own wellness, there are powerful benefits to beginning with a detoxification diet plan. Simple steps that are safe for seniors include eliminating white flour and sugar, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and smoking, and then upping the intake of clean and unprocessed fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables, filtered water, and lean proteins. Detox effects can be felt in as soon as a couple days, and for aging adults, they are truly life-changing.

Boosts Energy Levels

As you age, a normal amount of tiredness can be expected, but additional factors might play a role in your fatigue. Side effects of medicine you are taking or symptoms of a medical condition you have (like osteoporosis), feelings of depression and stress, the simple fact that you exercise less than you used to – all of these reasons can lead to a noticeable lack of energy.

After an initial lull from eliminating your usual stimulants like coffee, detoxification provides a unique energy boost as you age. First, it cuts any junk food out of your diet that could have been adding to your lethargy. Second, since detoxification diet plans target toxins which are largely stored in organs, once eliminated, those organs themselves start operating more efficiently. And thirdly, the detoxification process aids in clearing out your blood, helping it better circulate through your body, putting less stress on your heart and arteries.

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Strengthens the Immune System

Compromised or weaker immunity which follows with age puts older adults at greater risk for developing complications from even the simplest colds and viruses. Fewer immune cells, chronic inflammation and stress, as well as a reduction in the body’s ability to detect and fix cell defects that can lead to cancer are medical realities for older adults.

Detoxification plays an important role in powering an immune system that fights off infection as well as promotes a healthy weight (helping circumvent your risk for obesity and diabetes). Flushing toxins from your body with a detox in itself helps strengthen your immune system while also supporting proper enzyme and lymphatic function to build body defenses against harmful organisms. The core detoxification value of eliminating free radicals has also been shown to significantly reduce your risk of getting certain cancers.

Promotes Mental Acuity

Retaining strong cognitive function as you age is key to preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Meditation and mindfulness are strong partners of detoxification and in combination with a detoxification diet, can promote better concentration and sleep. Detox yoga is a physical and mental practice in relaxation that focuses on gentle stretching and deep breathing, which helps your body effectively eliminate waste like lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

The mental fogginess that naturally accompanies eating fatty, sugary, processed foods is also alleviated with the clean eating and toxin depletion of a detoxification diet. Plus, detoxification cleans out heavy metals in your system that may be causing depression, headaches, even dementia-like symptoms. The overall rejuvenation and boosts in self-confidence that detoxification brings are great promoters of mental clarity and thus encourage older adults to stay active too!

Fights Joint & Muscle Inflammation

Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis can prevent many older adults from staying as active as they should. Detoxification diet plans aid the body in reducing and even preventing the symptoms associated with those painful diseases. Detox boosters like ginger shots (grated ginger, with turmeric or cayenne and fresh lemon juice) are quick and easy inflammation-fighting snacks. A ginger shot benefits joints and muscles by reducing inflammation and stiffness associated with chronic diseases caused by general inflammation in addition to alleviating muscle pain.

Detoxification diet plans also play an important role in helping you sleuth out suspected food sensitivities to things like soy, gluten, eggs or dairy. Total elimination for a couple weeks and then re-entry into your diet one by one with a close monitoring of symptoms and reactions can help many seniors make diet adjustments that transform their health.

Seniors with medical ailments like kidney failure or heart disease, or who are on supplements to help reverse bone loss and other age-related conditions, should talk with a doctor and nutritionist prior to starting a full sweeping detoxification plan. Smaller, simpler detoxification steps like exercising more, ditching processed foods, and drinking more water might be a better way to put you on the path to an enhanced healthy lifestyle.

Author bio: Jessica Hegg is the content manager at Interested in all things related to living a healthy lifestyle she works to share valuable information aimed at overcoming obstacles and improving the quality of life for others

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