Amazing Ketogenic Drinks – A Guide To A Healthier Social Life

I had been 2 weeks into my keto diet and a friend had invited me over to his villa for a reunion and you know there was liquor, There i realized there are carbs everywhere and most of the drinks here a cannot even drink. It took me a little bit of research but I´ve come up with a list of Keto Friendly Liquor where you will find what drinks is the keto community drinking but also set you up to rapidly recognize what you should and should not drink.

You should also keep in mind that drinking alcohol may slow down your metabolism and it is also said to make some people want to eat more, i have personally experienced this, in the other hand you should also remember that in order for the body to reach ketosis the level of carbs in toy body should be very low

With that being said, let’s begin our list of Keto Friendly Liquors


Wine contains no starch and bearly has residual sugar from the wine fermentation process, there are technically no carbs in wine, But the scientific community like to call this Carbohydrate By Difference. This means that carbs are not directly detected in wine; They are what remains after fat and protein had been detected, accounted for and removed from the wine´s nutrients.

Here Is A list Of Popular Wine Brands And Their Carb Count.


Vodka is usually made from a grain base such as potatoes, Rye, Or wheat and runs around 35-50% alcohol by volume, when grabbing a bottle from or sho, make sure it isn´t flavored vodka, these usually have syrups and sugar added to them. If you must have flavored vodka, Absolut and Ciroc both have flavored vodka with no carbs, so check those out…

As you might know already, alcohol has some health benefits when consumed with moderation, so don’t feel bad if you have a glass of wine or liquor. also, a good thing to remember is that typically liquor with 40%+ alcohol by volume will have 0 carbs almost every time

Here Is A list Of Popular Voka Brands And Their Carb Count.


Brandy is a spirit produced by distilling wine, in a broader sense the term brandy also denotes liquors obtained from the distillation of pomace, or mash or wine and i typically has 35-60% alcohol by volume and zero carbs. among the most renowned brands are Conagc And Armagnac.

Brandy has multiple culinary uses, in the English culture, for example, brandy is a common flavoring for desserts such as Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, and festive drinks such as mulled wine

Here Is A list Of Popular Brandy Brands And Their Carb Count.


The most popular liquor in the Caribbean, The rum, is typically made from sugarcane or molasses it´s also Zero carbs and zero sugars, but again you need to be careful with flavored rum. normally the darker the rum is the better is the flavor.

When rum is first distilled it comes out as a clear liquid, after this its placed inside bourbon barrels to pick up its oaky flavor and dark color. this process does not add any carbs or sugars.

Here Is A list Of Popular Rum Brands And Their Carb Count.


Beers are really popular despite they´re not really keto friendly, so its something you definitely wanna keep an eye on. if you have to really drink beer keep it for very rare occasions. Also, the carb count of your beer will vary according to the brand, ranging from 0.5 Carbs To 8.5 Carbs by volume in certain brands

Here Is A list Of Popular Beer Brands And Their Carb Count.

Here Is A list Of Drinks And Mixers To Avoid In Keto Diets.

NameServingsCalories/Net Carbs
Southern Comfort1.5 oz984.1
Carolan’s1.5 oz.1548.4
Grand Marnier1.5 oz1149.8
Peach Schnapps1.5 oz.1089.8
Margarita Mix1.5 oz.4110
Chartreuse1.5 oz.14810.3
Curacao1.5 oz.10810.5
Cointreau1.5 oz14311.1
Baileys1.5 oz14711.3
Drambuie1.5 oz15913.5
Anisette1.5 oz.15016.5
Chambord1.5 oz15216.5
Midori1.5 oz12016.5
Triple Sec1.5 oz.18816.5
Jagermeister1.5 oz15416.5
Frangelico1.5 oz.10718.5
Kahlua1.5 oz.13722.1
Amaretto1.5 oz16526

Now that you know everything about what you should and should not drink, we have linked some of the best Ketogenic tools/websites That will help will lose weight overnight

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